If you are looking for best Massage with luxury then you came to the right place.

Welcome to Bain de Lina Spa in Marrakech near to McDonald’s Where we Provide Professional Massage services For Gent Ladies, pregnancy, Couples . We Are Located in Gueliz, Our Spa in have best Massage Services, Hammam and Moroccan bath in Marrakech for a truly unique experience we can provide to our guests.

Bain de Lina is a name to be reckoned with when someone thinks of Luxury Massage Services in Marrakech because we offer a variety of massage services Like Oil Massage – Hot stone – Four Hands – Deep Tissue – Reflexology – Aromatherapy . Moroccan bath and More.


Our priority is to offer you a customized massage alone or in a duo, several types that respond adequately to the real needs of your skin, also a traditional Hammam out of the ordinary, personalized, Everything is provided bathrobe, shoes, towels, glove, soap, black, cassier with key to leave his business.We have a large team of professional Moroccan masseuses, All our massages are based on our professional experiences and you provide a muscular and spiritual comfort, We use the plants in all their forms, oils During the session, we take you to another world, you will feel on vacation. The soft music in harmony with the movements, offer you a pure sensation of well-being.


Bain de lina est un SPA spécialisé dans  le bien-être et le massage au cœur du centre ville Marrakech,

Do you need to have a break in Marrakech? A moment to forget the daily stress? Our massages are aimed at both women and men.Only or in pairs, Make an appointment without delay for your body massage and traditional Hammam where to take refuge to relax, relax with the steam After the Massage and Hammam you will feel totally relaxed, we will invite you to taste a Moroccan tea in our rest room to prolong your moment of relaxation, in calm and serenity far from the noise of the city.

O Bath Lina Spa welcomes you in a pleasant setting, upon your arrival you will be supported and advised on the type of massage best suited to your needs, One hour in a massage center of peace, in a soft music atmosphere, you can enjoy a Moroccan coffee or tea that will bring you the first moment of relaxation, then one of our masseuses will accompany you in the cabin Where you enjoy a massage of your choice, whatever the massage chosen you can ask at this he is stronger under your desires.


Massage, Détente, Bien-être, dans un Spa spacieux et privatisé à Marrakech


The Bain de Lina Spa continues to attract the most demanding clientele in the world such as the French, English, Italian, Spanish or even Chinese, thanks to our 14 key factors of success that you will not find in no other spa in Marrakech:

  • increasing muscle tissue permeability and opening micro-circulation
  • Improves your Spiritual outlook.
  • opening pores that enable fluids and nutrients to pass through more effectively
  • Promotes a relaxed state of mental wellness.
  • Enhances serenity
  • Stimulates the flow of lymph, the body’s natural defense system, against toxic invaders.
  • Allows for better handling of Pressure and anxiety.
  • Promotes Healthy lifestyle
  • a variety of relaxing and awakening massage therapies with different techniques and help you to call your relaxation process
  • Clean cloakrooms at your disposal at any time as much as you want.

Customized massage Try at least once, if not more!

Daily life, especially in Marrakech, can be the source of muscular tension, generated by sustained postures or only by stress … A custom massage is a moment of relaxation, of “letting go” that allows to stretch muscles, mobilize joints, knead pain points.

Our Bain de lina spa has experienced therapists, our staff use the most effective Massage techniques

The masseuses will ask you if you want a normal massage or a little stronger. They should also ask you how much light and volume of music are right for you. If this is not the case, it is important that you specify your wishes. It’s your time and it needs to be optimized for you to make the most of it, We value your feedback! At the time of payment tell us what you think of our, whether your experience was satisfactory or not which will help us improve our service.

Majdeline responsable de Spa : baindelina@gmail.com

Bain de lina salon de massage

Massage in Marrakech: the most relaxing massages in Gueliz

A massage conveys a particular energy, and if this energy does not correspond to us, it always disadvantages us! 🤥🤥 A massage that does not suit us, makes us pass for what we are not. It is therefore important to know the massages that are in perfect harmony with our body. Relax in our massage center located in Marrakesh district Guéliz, by being massaged, Offer you the services of the professional masseuses of O Bath of Lina, you do not regret it, choose the type of massage that suits your needs.

Bain de Lina Spa & Massage Center in Marrakech

The massages of O ‘bain de Lina Spa give you the chance to harmonize the energy networks necessary for the proper functioning of your organs and the nervous and emotional relaxation. Our massages are performed by the best masseuses, with the best oils naturally flavored and made in a calm, peaceful and purely olfactory atmosphere to stimulate the energy lines of your body and revitalize your muscles.

All kinds of massage in Marrakech: Oil massage, Hot Stone massage, Four hand massage

Whatever the techniques used, being massaged acts on both the physical and mental, allows to reconnect with his body and provides a global better, While the development of massage in the West is recent, many medicines (Oriental, Asians …) have always considered touch as a therapy in its own right, preventive and curative. All the massages improve the circulation and the energetic flow of body, undo the tensions and soothe the sensibility. There are two main types of practices: the therapeutic massages intended to cure (rheumatisms, traumatisms …) and practiced by the physiotherapists, and the massage (Thai, Californian …), also practiced by physiotherapists, but also beauticians, masseurs … Only physiotherapists can use the term “massage”: for other practitioners, we must speak of “massage”. exists between 80 and 120 types of massages! In other words, making a choice is like a real headache. Schematically, they are classified into five broad categories: relaxants (like Californian), circulatory (like lymphatic drainage), energizing (like shiatsu), slimming (like palpating-rolling) and sports. To relieve stress and regain energy, it is best to move towards relaxing and energizing techniques.Relax, forget your work, do not think of anything to enjoy our best massages in Gueliz

Cloakrooms are individual and clean, lockers are available.You can close this room and keep the key. Disposable bathrobes, sandals and briefs are at your disposal


vestiaire de spa o bain de lina

A warm setting is at your disposal

Bain de lina salon de massage

An ambitious selection of the team

Quiet place, clean and very nice

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