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Hammam at O bain of Lina! Impossible to miss this tradition. The hammam is a meeting place where you come to relax and cleanse.It’s always the same process, after you have offered a little tea to make you wait until the hammam is ready, we give you a bathrobe . Then we pick you up and install you in the hammam.

The Gummy who takes care of you, sprinkles water hammam and sprinkles water too. You stay a little while your pores are dilated and then we come to apply the famous black soap. A Ô O Bath of Lina Spa we apply a black soap with eucalyptus, a very pleasant smell and that really invites you to relax. Black soap is an integral part of the Moroccan hammam tradition.

The person leaves and you stay in the steam room to enjoy the damp heat of the place. Meanwhile, black soap is doing its job. A few minutes later, the person comes back and you rinse. Then she begins to rub your body with kessa in a hot individual steam room. We are really surprised at the result, indeed the black soap in addition to being natural is really powerful, when rubbing you can see all the dead skin come off your body. Once you have been rubbed, you are rinsed to remove all the dead skin and washed one last time and rinsed. Once all this ritual is done, you are taken out and you are left in a rest room to complete your moment of relaxation and well-being.

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Customer Review of Bain de Lina Spa

What I can say is that once you get out of the hammam you feel really relaxed, refreshed and emptied. I would even say that we feel purified, we forget all the stress, and the negative, we come out really light.

So I can tell you that if you have the opportunity to do a hammam especially do not hesitate. This ritual really aims to purify you. It is true that once we had the pleasure to test it we are just waiting to start again, I recommend this best hammam in Marrakech and especially the Pack Hammam custom.

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