Our spa is a massage parlor in the heart of Marrakech

Once you cross the spa doors of Bain de Lina in Marrakech, You will be seduced by the clean atmosphere and tastefully decorated of this privileged place on Gueliz, the time will have more hold on you, from your entry the relaxation is guaranteed ...

At a time when the massage in Marrakech is popularized and opens to the practice of real massage, Bain de LIna already imposes itself as a major player in the landscape of relaxation and well-being in the center of tourist city Marrakech, Ô Bain de Lina has relaxation and relaxation areas dedicated to relaxation and cheap massage in a unique and exceptional setting known for the diversity and originality that emerge. Far from clichés and unspoken, O Bath Lina is the reference of cheap massage in Marrakech and offers a real invitation to the escape of the senses to relax in peace in the simplest device.

Ô Bain de Lina

Massage 4 mains pas cher à Marrakech

A cheap massage in Marrakech and not a session for tourists

A few steps from the train station of Marrakech, McDonald’s Gueliz, the spa Ô Bain de Lina Designed as a wellness center and massage parlor, traditional Hammam, combining modernity and tradition Franco-Moroccan mainly devoted to massage, hammam and well -being, a warm and comfortable welcome, attentive and professional staff, a lot of calm and serenity the spa offers beauty treatments, hairdressing, traditional hammam, hairdresser, set of treatments that will highlight the shine of your beauty, The massages of relaxation and well-being are non-sexual, non-naturist.

And so that you are relaxed (e) upon your arrival in our massage in Marrakech, you are supported by a personalized welcome. during the massage session you are lulled by the glow of candles and softness but also sensuality and relaxation. We attach great importance to your feedback! At the time of payment tell us what you think of our, whether your experience was satisfactory or not which will help us improve our service.


Ideal spa for anyone looking for privacy, tranquility and relaxation in Marrakech.

In the heart of Marrakech, your massage parlor entirely dedicated to well-being, comfort, relaxation and relaxation 7/7

At O Bath of Lina Spa you do not meet anyone you are alone with your mind

Chez Ô Bain de Lina Spa vous ne rencontrez personne vous êtes seul(e) avec votre esprit

Bain de Lina your massage center in Marrakech

relaxation spa

Enter the world of sweet smell of massage oils and discover the best salon nestled in the heart of gueliz, We favor quality for quantity for a special moment, a professional massage technique, experienced team of different massage techniques, A know-how unique in technique of effleurages, pressures and kneading, satisfied or refunded for a demanding clientele in Quality of Massage Woman alone, Man alone, Couple, The reason for our Spa is to offer the best of massage Marrakech in a Zen atmosphere, Sunlit Lights, Natural scented oil, air-conditioned cabins, team at your service, silence and sweetness in the heart of Gueliz.

Notre spa est un salon de massage au cœur de Marrakech

Professional masseuses

A bubble of serenity in the heart of Marrakech.

worried and curious about your body? our massage center located in Marrakech ensures to maintain an irreproachable quality of service on all levels. We recruit only masseuses from a massage school, professional Masseuses offer a wide range of massages.

Photos et vidéos de Spa

Unique experience in Marrakech

Discover the massage center and Spa Bain de Lina in picture and travel to this unique, clean, quiet, spacious, Marrakech. We have provided you with photos and videos, Spa Bain de Lina is more than a beauty center, it is the best place of relaxation in the center of Marrakech!


One massage -60% discount after 6 sessions

Spa of relaxation

After 6 massage sessions at Ô Bain de Lina, you benefit from 60% discount on the 7th with the same quality of service and massage of your choice.

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